Case Studies

To me UX is more than acronyms, buzzwords & the latest tools. I have chosen these case studies specifically as they illustrate well some of the challenges that come with UX design in product environments.

Take a look at the case studies below, or read a short note about my design philosophy here.

Note: I take the confidentiality requests & contracts of clients seriously. Therefore there are some parts of my CV which I have not included in my case studies. Any insights I have shown from past projects are either purposely obscured or are already in the public domain.




The following is a list of sample documentation I have created through past UX design work.

The gallery is broken into 4 sections;

User Research, Design Process, Specification, Build & Promotion


User Centred Design (UCD)/User Research

Generally the point is for the designer to broaden their own insight. These are also useful for verifying assumptions & documenting results. These techniques not only illuminate the team on audience perspectives & build empathy, but are also extremely useful for dissipating stakeholder disagreement & building consensus in teams so that team participants all start from the same page & perspective at the beginning of a project.

Usability Testing

UT can provide valuable insights not only on an existing product, but also on a competitors, or an alternative solution, before a project to learn more about the audiences’s needs & perspectives on the journey. It can also be used or after a prototype or design is developed to refine designs.

User Insight Sessions

User insight sessions are direct target audience sessions which enable the design team to learn more about users wants & needs. Sessions could be in the form of co-creation sessions, focus groups, or 1-to-1 contextual enquiry or ethnographic studies.


Demographic & Audience Data Insights

Demographic data, whether geographical or virtual, can provide help in building up a picture of who your audience is made up of.

Analytics Data Insights

Analytics can be a goldmine of information on what is currently happening on an existing site or app & insight on the audience. Ideally analytics should include funnel tracking & analysis. Caution should be used in interpreting results however, as conclusions are hypothesis only & should be cross-verified through some other user insight methods.

Design Process


Brainstorming workshop facilitation



User Flows

User Journey

Low-Fi Wireframing

Hi-Fi Wireframing


Specification Process

Technical Specifications

Wireframe Specification

Style Guides

UI Libraries

System Architecture



Build & Promotion Process

Coding & Technical Build

Print Material

Promotional Material

System Architecture

App Store Submission

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