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What are we expected to present in the Final Pitch? The idea of the weekend is to have something to show at the end of the weekend in the form of a pitch deck (see earlier post containing a link to sample pitch videos from previous weekends). Your team will have 5 minutes to deliver the entire pitch with 2-3 mins at the end for Q&A by the judges. Not long! Ideally this deck will contain:

  1. the problem -with some rudimentary scoping of the business potential/value whether that be financial, audience reach or some other value (a little advice is to stay away from the “1% of the market” logic)
  2. illustrate some customer validation – a good hint to gain credibility is to show actual customer validation your have conducted such as survey stats, google/facebook ad CTRs, search data (how many time a specific keyword or phrase has been searched for), quick customer interviews, etc. A nice way to present this is in the format of 1 or 2 personas.
  3. the vision for the solution – i.e. your product vision with enough descriptive material to get the judges to buy into your product such as wireframes, mock-ups, animation/video clip illustration, etc.
  4. your business model – how are you going to make money from this solution? Per use, annual subscription, advertising, revenue share….etc.
  5. a prototype, some working tech, or something else – enough to convince the judges that your team has the capability to build the solution whether that be alone, or by pulling in more resources with investment. This also illustrates the degree to which you and your team are capable of achieving something solid over a period of time – how good you are at ‘getting stuff done’.
  6. Future plans – where is your product heading next after the weekend! Generally a plan to take over the world is a good way to go 🙂