Knowsley Health Hub is a hyperlocal health app for iOS & Android delivering health engagement to a localized population in Knowsley, Merseyside.  The app is targeted at a low socio economic population, with Knowsley being one of the most deprived regions in England, with low levels of literacy (for example the local council targets a reading age of 8 in its publications for locals). The region also has one of the poorest indicators for health in the country. The aim of the app is to reduce anxiety around health information – for many users, this would mean information about their ill health.  Examples of the work can be seen at www.KnowsleyHealthHub.co.uk – all development, design, video work Sorcha’s own.


The app concept was to serve as a stepping stone to more complex digital health services such as booking online and ordering repeat prescriptions online. The first step was to engage – build trust & credibility with a demographic who is suspicious and scared of authority with health providers commonly seen as authoritative figures (revealed through focus grouping). Particular challenges of this project include:

  • Lean MVP – low budget project, with requirement for lean architecture to remain nimble and agile according to customer discovery.
  • Sourcing reliable and trustworthy health content at reasonable cost with low risk to app.
  • Provide an up to date and easy to maintain directory of local health services.
  • Core functionality: Find local services, self-service advice, support to use digital services such as GP Online, gather feedback, news, encourage users to become proactive instead of reactive in health care, become aware of and use service in the local area
  • Content controlled by easy to use CMS backend
  • Push Messaging functionality



  • Customer Research (see Knowsley Health Hub for more)
  • UI/User flow design
  • Wireframing
  • Graphic design
  • Rapid Prototyping with mockups using marvel app
  • Marvel app prototype
  • App store submission & write ups
  • QA, bug reporting, etc
  • Video footage & editing

The Solution:

  • Scalable, easy to use CMS backend built on WordPress, with the ability to add modular functionality as needed.
  • Push Messaging functionality controlled by CMS.
  • Information presented in bitesize snippets using newsfeed format. Articles cross promoted with information on self-service tools to raise awareness & encourage use.
  • Content sourcing from syndicated NHS content feeds.
  • Key messaging delivered via hyperlocal format – referring to local places, events, and utilising video of local people delivering messages to build trust & credibility.
  • Low production value video footage creating an honest and intimate feel.


Design and architecture of MVP iOS and Android app

Health engagement content with CMS controlled newsfeed of information on local resources (hyperlocal)

“Self service” tools for health including symptom checker, condition lookup and service finder

Management of app build

Store submission

Health content sourcing and architecture